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Spalted Jatoba Bolt-Action Pen

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The perfect gift for outdoorsmen and huntsmen alike - this handsome pen is made from premium spalted jatoba wood. The pen is activated with a patented bolt-action clip, that resembles the bolt-action of a rifle.

This pen also comes in a uniquely designed pen case resembling a traditional rifle case.

Also known as "Brazilian Cherry", Jatoba is an exceptionally hard wood that typically grows in South America. While Jatoba wood is beautiful on its own, the timber used for this particular pen is truly of rare and exceptional quality, and is unlikely that I will find more that is this nice.

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Spalted Jatoba Bolt-Action Pen, Carrying Case

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Spalted Jatoba, Antique Brass

Spalted Jatoba Bolt-Action Pen

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